Cleam - Mister Lies

My favorite Mister Lies song

For music anon

Anonymous asked:
Music Anon here and whoah Mister Lies was such a trip. Meditative, uplifting, with a hint of longing. Perfect for relaxing during my work break!

Yeah, Mister Lies work is fantastic. You can check out their newest album on their soundcloud



New album out that I made with my bud. Check it

Beached - 0:00
Bloom - 0:05
Sanctuary - 1:40
Places - 5:42
RGB - 7:42
Somebody - 9:12
E.V.A.C - 10:34
Magicant - 13:09
Casio - 15:10
Headband - 15:44
Charm - 17:06
Puke - 20:06
Strange - 23:24
Keef - 26:48
Under - 29:19
Earth bound - 31:39

I was going to post this myself, to show it off, but 1973BM had already done it. And good god, did I wait WAY too long to listen to it. If you need to settle down, or just want some chill tunes, I found them. For you. They’re right here. Bam. Wait’s over. You guys NEED in on this.


this is the most important thing in the world right now


big-red-dragon asked:
Thinking thoughts about thinking thoughts about thinking thoughts and now I'm lost and sleeping in a ditch.

Thinking Thoughts can now be purchased in12oz bottles at your local grocery store.

Mister Lies - Trustfalls

Good night
Also shouts to Music Anon

Anonymous asked:
i love all my friends dearly, but sometimes i dont feel like i deserve them. or that they shouldnt have to pretend to like someone screwed up like me.

Ignore those intrusive thoughts, my friend.

Message me mind thoughts


small commissions I did today!

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