Made a digital painting of the deer boy I doodled last night.
Tried to make him look video game ish as possible with the way I draw.

Didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, hopefully i can do better in the next picture.

Sketch done in Pain Tool Sai
Rendered using Photoshop



I miss doodling my doggies LOTS OF SKETCHY DOGGIES

They’re mobsters and they’re also cheap. They sleep on newspapers in their apartment and eat out of cans, but they’re saving up for a good rainy day.

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The Hampa family is so nice to me. They offer their house to me and Bryson walks downstairs and tells me to sleep in his room tonight because he’s going out tonight and won’t be here and I’m just like wow I do no deserve this kind of love. In other news, I’m finally back in Missoula again and will be moving in in about a week. Huge weight off of my chest.

guys ask me tmis pls

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This tumblr app is weird, it starts back up at the top of my dash everytime and it’s really fucking annoying.


an animated commission, pirate style!!

I think after this year of generals I’m going to move to Alaska and go to school there.


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Twitter sketches~

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